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Springfield Primary Academy

At Springfield Primary Academy we believe that stepping outside of the usual classroom environment and bringing a subject to life comes with its own unique excitement and thrill for students. External, interactive learning experiences link learning to personal experiences and memories, helping pupils to develop a deeper understanding of subjects and topics. 


School trips and visitors contribute significantly to the development of knowledge, skills and language associated with a topic. Springfield children are given the opportunity to enhance learning about the past and present, science and the arts, language and music in addition to sports through a rich variety of educational trips and visitors coming to the academy.


Children in upper key stage 2 will be offered the opportunity to develop personal, social and team building skills through a residential trip offering adventurous individual and group activities.


We aim for all children to receive a visitor or attend an educational visit each term (three times per year) to enhance the learning taking place in the classroom. Please click the link below to see the planned trips and visitors for each year group in the 2021-22 academic year.

Year Group Trip Ideas