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At Springfield Primary Academy, we believe the development of spoken literacy skills is central to improving a child’s life chances so in addition to developing writing skills, we also aim to improve the vocabulary of pupils through our writing system which is underpinned by the principles of Talk for Writing. High quality talk is at the centre of our writing system, which is crucial for our diverse community, so children become successful independent communicators. Writing has been carefully designed so that content is taught to ensure a sequential and progressive accumulation of skills from EYFS through KS1 and into KS2. We aim to develop children’s ability to produce well structured, detailed writing; in which the meaning is clear and where vocabulary choices engage and maintain the interest of the reader. Attention is paid throughout the school to the formal structures of English, grammatical detail, punctuation, and spelling.  

The writing system follows three distinct Talk for Writing processes: imitation, innovation, and invention.  

Imitation is the stage where children are immersed into the text type. Children will become familiar with a variety of language patterns. This stage helps children to internalise the language patterns, alongside the vocabulary, phrasing, and structure typical to a particular text type.  

Innovation is the stage where children have become familiar with the original model text and are now ready to create something new. Children draw upon the underlying structure and language features of the original, to enable them to create their own version of the model text using different topics, characters, and settings.  

Invention is the stage where children are given the independence and choice to create their own pieces of writing of the genre being studied. During this stage children will plan and complete a piece of writing considering the text type, audience, and purpose for their writing. They apply knowledge gained during the imitate and innovate stages to their own writing. Children are given opportunities to draft, edit and publish final pieces of work.  


Writing Statement of Intent 

Please see the Writing Statement of Intent at the link below:

Writing Statement of Intent


Whole School Overview 

Writing Overview