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Springfield Primary Academy


At Springfield Primary Academy, we aim to produce confident mathematicians who can use and apply their knowledge and understanding in a variety of contexts. We endeavour to provide children with a diverse range of opportunities to use their maths skills across the curriculum.

The three aims of the National Curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem solving are incorporated into daily practice. Children are encouraged to be fluent through the use of basic arithmetic activities and then provided with a wide range of opportunities to apply these skills to develop their reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Teachers complete a question level analysis following termly assessments to assess children’s understanding and identify gaps in learning so that children can become fluent in the fundamentals of each ‘block’ or unit of the maths curriculum. From this, teachers use a range of resources to plan and deliver mathematics: White Rose Maths Hub, Chris Quigley, NCETM Mastery Resources, Testbase and Nrich. These resources are combined in the Calculations Policy, which demonstrates how a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach can support deeper understanding. The Calculation Policy also demonstrates how bar modelling can be used to support children moving from using concrete resources, to pictorial and abstract methods to develop their understanding of mathematical concepts.

Mathematics Statement of Intent

Maths Statement of Intent

Maths Calculation Policy

Maths Calculation Policy

Timetables Rock Stars


Children have opportunities to practice their timestables at home using Timestables Rock Stars.

Children have their own log in details. 


Homework will be set for children on MyMaths.

Parents can access the site using the username  provided by school.

Children have their individual log details to log into their own area once they have signed in.


Whole School Overview

Whole School Overview

Curriculum Maps

Curriculum Map - Nursery

Curriculum Map - Reception

Curriculum Map - Year 1

Curriculum Map - Year 2

Curriculum Map - Year 3

Curriculum Map - Year 4

Curriculum Map - Year 5

Curriculum Map - Year 6