Springfield Primary Academy

► Miss Smith - Prepositions- 18/06/20

Good morning Year 3! Here is your activity for today. You will be looking at using prepositions in a sentence.

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► Miss Smith - Adjectives - 09/06/20

Hi Year 3! Here is today’s task. You are focusing on using adjectives to describe nouns

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► Miss Smith - Odd one out - 08/06/20

Good morning Year 3! Your task today is in page 10. Can you work out which word is the odd one out?

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► Miss Smith - Reading quiz - 05/06/20

Good morning Year 3! Today’s task is to re-read the story and answer these questions on page 9

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► Miss Smith - Questions - 04/06/20

Hi Year 3! Your task today is to answer these questions about the story

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► Miss Smith - Word meaning - 03/06/20

Hello Year 3, have a look at your task on page 7 of the booklet. Can you work out what each word means?

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► Miss Smith - Reading our new story - 02/06/20

Good morning Year 3! This week we are starting a new T4W unit and our story is called The Stone Trolls. Read pages 5 and 6 of the T4W unit on the school website!

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► Miss Pervez- Fantastic Writing - 01/06/20

Well done to Azaan Hussain (Year 3) for having a go at writing a range of different texts. I found it very interesting to read. The year 3 teachers would love to see work from everyone else. Please send in your entries so we can have a read!

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► Miss Smith - Independent Write on Trolls - 14/05/20

Good morning Year 3! Your task for today is to use your notes to help you to write your information text about trolls. Remember to write in full sentences and include a good range of vocabulary. Look at Miss Smith's to help you!

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► Miss Smith - Common exception spellings - 13/05/20

Hi Year 3! Here are some common exception words for you to practise spelling this week. Can you practise spelling them using across and down like Miss Smith? 

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► Miss Smith - Information on trolls plan - 12/05/20

Good morning Year 3! It is time to plan your information text about trolls. Remember to bullet point your ideas like Miss Smith's example

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► Miss Smith - Adverbs - 07/05/20

Good morning Year 3. Your writing task today focuses on using adverbs! Have a look at Miss Smith's example to help you.

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► Miss Pervez - Arrays in the environment - 07/05/20

Good afternoon Year 3! Today I have been having a tremendous Thursday searching for arrays in my environment. Please take a look at the arrays that I have found in my environment and show me the fantastic examples you have in your environment!- Miss Pervez

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► Miss Pervez - TT Rockstar battle - 05/05/20

Good afternoon Year 3! Please take part in our ultimate battle of boys vs girls on @TTrockstars #battleofthegenders #teamboy #teamgirl

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► Miss Smith - Adjectives - 05/05/2020

Good morning Year 3! Can you use adjectives to describe different parts of the troll like Miss Smith has?

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► Miss Smith - Common exception words - 04/05/2020

Good morning Year 3! Can you have a go at spelling these common exception words?

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► Miss Smith - Story Map - 29/04/20

Hi Year 3! Your teachers have had a go at creating the first part of your story map 'The Truth about Trolls'. Can you create the next part?

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