Springfield Primary Academy

► Mrs Styles Y4 - 22/05/20

Hi Year 4. Now its time to finish off our stories. Mrs Styles has given you some help but you will also need to write an ending. Look at p21-22 in the T4W booklet for more ideas. Good luck!

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► Mrs Styles Y4 - 21/05/20

Hello Year 4. We are getting so close to completing our stories! In this section you need to make your main character think about what he and his family need. Look at p21 of our #T4W booklet for help. Don't forget to check your work!

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► Mrs Styles Y4 - 20/05/20

Good morning year 4, I hope your writing is going well. Today we are writing the third paragraph. This is where you grant the main character a wish. Use my example to help you write yours, Mrs Styles. #T4W @PieCorbett

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► Mrs Styles Y4 - 19/05/20

Good morning year 4. How did your writing go yesterday? Today we are moving on to part two of our stories. Check out page 20 of our T4W booklet and Mrs Styles' example to help you.

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► Mrs Styles Y4 - 18/05/20

Hi Year 4, now it is time to write our stories but don't worry as Mrs Styles is here to help. Focus on the first part of the story, using your box up plans and the example below. Don't forget to check your punctuation!

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► Mrs Styles Y4 - 13/05/20

Hi Year 4, I have created a word bank to help me write my innovated story 'Grognar and the King of the Dragons'. Hopefully, it might help you too!

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► Mrs Styles Y4 - Innovate the Text - 11/05/20

Good morning Year 4! This week we are focusing on innovating our story 'The King of the Fishes' @PieCorbett Mrs Styles has had a go, why not try too?

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► Mrs Styles - Grammar Activity - 05/05/20

It's grammar time for Year 4. Mrs Styles has had a look at p12 of our T4W booklet and had a go at describing the eagle. Can you play the substitution game too? Don't forget your comma!

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► Mrs Styles - Spelling Challenge - 04/05/20

Hello again y4! Mrs Styles challenged herself using one of the ideas from the pack. How many times can you write one of your spellings in one minute? Mrs Styles managed to write 'precious' 18 times - can you beat her?

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► Miss Bargit - Conjunctions Challenge - 01/05/20

Attention Year 4!! Miss Bargit has been looking at conjunctions and using “because” to extend her ideas. She’s written what she liked, what surprised her and what the story reminded her of. Try to experiment with your conjunctions and be sure to tweet your work! :)

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► Miss Bargit - Origami Fish​​​ - 01/05/20

Year 4, It’s Miss Bargit again! I’ve been getting busy with some paper and creating Origami fish! You should try it too! Remember to share your pictures :) P.s. click this link for a tutorial: https://t.co/nxWYQ2VnT8 #HappyFishing #TheKingofFishes

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► Mrs Styles - 'King of the Fishes' - 01/05/20

Good morning Y4! I had a go yesterday at making a collage of the 'King of the Fishes', with bits and bobs I found around my house. Why not have a go over the weekend and show us?

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► Mrs Styles - Story map of The King of the Fishes - 28/04/20

Good morning year 4! It's a rainy start but a good day to do some drawing. Mrs Styles has had a go at creating a story map of our text The King of the Fishes, why not have a go too? Please click the links below:

Story Map 1      Story Map 2      Story Map 3